Twist Screenshots in HTML reports when executed with Go



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    Twist generates black screens for failed tests when the box on which scenarios are executed gets locked. Removing automatic locking and screensavers should solve this.




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    Thomas Achleitner

    Hi Sadique!

    Thanks for the quick response. I am not sure if we are doing it right because we still get those black screens.

    How does twist ant task interact with the desktop of the go agent box? The user which go agent service is running as is logged on at the agent box, no screensaver, no locking is active, and still there are the black screenshots.



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    Hi Thomas,

    If you are running the Go agent on Windows as a windows service, the ant process will not get access to Windows Desktop/UI. Can you please try running the go agent as a process instead of a service and tell us if you get screenshots?



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    Faiyaz Ahmad

    How to add twist acceptance test to deployment pipeline and run it.

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