Installing twist plugin on preinstalled eclipse 64-bit windows 7



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    Andy Kemp

    Hi Prash,

    This should work fine.

    Can you post the error? I am sure we can get you up and running.



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    Hello Andy,

    This is the error.



    Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.
      Software being installed: Twist Feature (
      Software currently installed: Eclipse SDK 3.5.0.I20090611-1540 (org.eclipse.sdk.ide 3.5.0.I20090611-1540)
      Only one of the following can be installed at once:
        Log View 1.0.100.v20090527 (org.eclipse.ui.views.log 1.0.100.v20090527)
        Log View 1.0.100.v20090731 (org.eclipse.ui.views.log 1.0.100.v20090731)
        Log View 1.0.100.v20100423 (org.eclipse.ui.views.log 1.0.100.v20100423)
      Cannot satisfy dependency:
        From: Twist Feature (
        To: org.eclipse.ui.views.log [1.0.100.v20100423]
      Cannot satisfy dependency:
        From: Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment 3.5.0.v20090123-7Z7_F8NFE-z0VXhWiu-8Qb95 ( 3.5.0.v20090123-7Z7_F8NFE-z0VXhWiu-8Qb95)
        To: org.eclipse.ui.views.log [1.0.100.v20090527]
      Cannot satisfy dependency:
        From: Eclipse Project SDK 3.5.0.v20090423-7Q7bA7DPQ1SM6OYQ7wKYJhI-z-xZJCmLTBRhtZ0o61b1z ( 3.5.0.v20090423-7Q7bA7DPQ1SM6OYQ7wKYJhI-z-xZJCmLTBRhtZ0o61b1z)
        To: [3.5.0.v20090123-7Z7_F8NFE-z0VXhWiu-8Qb95]
      Cannot satisfy dependency:
        From: Eclipse SDK 3.5.0.I20090611-1540 (org.eclipse.sdk.ide 3.5.0.I20090611-1540)
        To: [3.5.0.v20090423-7Q7bA7DPQ1SM6OYQ7wKYJhI-z-xZJCmLTBRhtZ0o61b1z]


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    Hi Prash,

    Apologies for being late on this.

    "Dependencies" errors can be caused due to various reasons, so want to figure out few things first.

    - You are installating twist as plugin on Eclipse 3.5.0 (3.5.2 is the best release if I remember).

    twist 2.2 is compatible with Eclipse 3.6.  So, to upgrade from your 3.5, you first need to upgrade to Helios (3.6).

      Can you upgrade to Eclipse 3.6 first?

    - Alternatively, can you install Eclipse Helios 3.6 separately and install twist as plugin?

    Note, dependencies clash can also happen due to registration of bundles/libraries by other eclipse plugins, but first lets filter the above possibilities out. 

    thanks and regards

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    Thanks for your response.I remembr trying it on eclipse 3.6.It didnt seem to work at that time(iam not so sure) but than i found this documentation for twist 2.2 standalone installation which said that it works only for eclipse 3.5.hence i tried eclipse 3.5.

    Anyways the news is that installed fine on eclipse 3.6.Thanks for that.Considering that we have allready bought licences for twist,is this the right place to ask questions or is there any exclusive place where i can login support requests?(as it took like 3-4 days a for you guys to get back and it seems like not much activity going on in these forums on a day to day basis) 





    Twist can be installed only in Eclipse 3.5 as it has plugin dependencies.

    Twist can be installed using the following procedure (requires Internet access):

    1. Click Help -> Software Updates... and select the Available Software page. This page shows you the items that are available for installation.

    2. Add the update site url

    3. By default, the Twist related updates are grouped underneath the update site. The list would include the Twist installation and examples bundled with Twist.

    4. As you browse the available updates, check the items that you wish to install. In case of adding Twist as a plugin to eclipse, select Uncategorised -> Twist Feature (Required) and Uncategorised -> Twist Tutorials Feature (Recommended) under the update-site. If you want to convert Eclipse product to Twist(Splash screen and branding) select Twist -> Twist under the update-site

    5. Click Install... to install the checked items. You will be able to review the items to be installed in the Install Wizard.


    You can use this procedure to install or update any Plugin in Twist as well as in Eclipse.


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    Andy Kemp

    Hi Prash,

    Sorry it tooks so long to resolve your issue. Thanks for your patience.

    We will make sure our documentation is updated.

    All Twist customers with maintenance have access to support by email via or online via



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