Exported Selenium Script Throws Exception



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    Andy Kemp



    This is the community for Twist the functional testing tool from ThoughtWorks studios which works in combination with open source drivers such as Selenium and Sahi.

    It doesn't sound like you are using Twist. I would recommend you post your question to the Selenium community at https://groups.google.com/group/selenium-users


    You can find out more information about Twist and how it can help you create a maintainable Selenium test suites at http://www.thoughtworks-studios.com/agile-test-automation




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    Selenium Learner

    Well sorry! I was not aware of that. Stupid me! Besides, thanks for pointing to that correct URL. Also, this Twist tool is new to me. Hearing it for the first time. I shall have a look at it too. Thank you for your guidance!

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    Andy Kemp

    No worries. Its an easy mistake to make.

    Please check out Twist and let us know your feedback. You can download a one month free trial from the website.

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