Can't Record Second Step


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    Hi, If I understand correctly you are trying to record multiple steps in a session.

    - If thats the case, I am hoping that you are saving the recording for the first step before you proceed to "record" the next step?

    - Does the "Twist Recorder" window show you the second step waiting for you to click "record" or "execute manually" button?

    - Are you saying that the Sahi controller window does not come up? If thats the case, have you tried "CTRL+ALT+Double click" or on MacOS - CMD+ALT+Double click, on the application window? That should bring up the sahi controller.

    If none of the above apply to you -

    -  Are you trying to record over Https site? If thats the case, while recording, can you open another tab and open "", which should show you all the certificates that you need to tell Sahi to accept. Just accept all the certificates.

    Hope these help


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