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    Hi Jordan, 

    Frankenstein is an open source project, and is hosted at

    The older project home is:

    Unfortunately, the published api doc (link below) is done for ruby version.

    However, you can generate the java docs using ant. 

    I will check with the committers how to get hold of the javadoc online. 

    For immediate reference, maybe you can check the driver src file itself.

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    Jordan Bentley


    Thanks for the help. The versions listed on the site you gave me list the latest version as 0.7.5 but Twist includes 0.7.6. I'm sure the 0.7.5 API docs are close enough for my purposes, but does anyone know what is different about these versions? Also the version included in Twist looks like it reassigned the namespace, which means that the javadocs from the original Frankenstein project can't be linked into my Twist project.

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    There has been no reassignment of namespaces. If you mean, "com.thoughtworks.twist.driver....", then thats actually the Library that integrates frankenstein. Frankenstein.jar itself is not a eclipse plugin or registered as a library, that bit of work is done by the driver integration library. If you check you will find that with each Frankenstein library, we also bundle actual Frankenstein.jar along with entire zipped source. This we do with all other drivers as well, we ship them as they are and we do it absolutely non-intrusively.  

    You would also notice how we have kept the TwistFrankensteinDriver separate from DefaultFrankensteinDriver. You can opt to use the "DefaultFrankensteinDriver" type if you want. Then you should be able to link to your source. 

    Regarding the other repo on github, the committers (who are also thoughtworkers) found it better to collaborate. Vivek Prahlad's (the author) github repo is the latest, and thats what we follow. both repos are the same, although github repo is slightly ahead for non-significant updates.

    Regarding 0.7.6, that is actually the integration library version, we had to do that to get around migration within eclipse. (annoying!)

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