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    Hi, unfortunately we don't have a separate update-site for Twist 2.3 over 3.6 Helios. For 2.3 release, there were lots of requests to upgrade to 3.7 Indigo and also its usually our effort to be uptodate/compliant with the latest Eclipse shell. You can still use Twist 2.3.1 though, you can download the standalone version (which is quite small and built over standard Eclipse JDT shell), install it on a different location and use it. (Unless of course, you have compelling reason to use Twist Project within Eclipse 3.6 IDE itself).


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    Thanks for the quick response.

    I understand that installing the standalone version has certain advantages and works better for Testers/Bas. 

    But it makes sense for developers to have Twist installed as a plug-in to Eclipse to better integrate with their working environment and workflow.

    Since there are a number of other plug-ins they have been using on daily basis and some of them are not yet compatible with 3.7 or it will need some good reconfiguration of their working environment. 

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    Hi, I understand your situation. Unfortunately, we can't provide a 3.6 update site right now. We can provide you twist 2.3 standalone over 3.6 shell. But it seems you want to use a single IDE. How else can we help?

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