Problem : Twist2.3.1 scenarios not running using apache ant for Firefox6 browser



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    I assume that you have exported ant build file in Twist 2.3.0 - in that case, the ant file will have direct reference to libraries of that version. 

    for e.g. in build.xml, there can be references like 


    whereas when you upgrade, you should export the libraries again, and update or re-generate the ant build file. 


    (note: there are other ways to achieve this as well)

    If you open your failing scenarios within Twist and click the "execute" button, do they run? If yes, then the above is a likely problem and solution.


    Alternative, if you have gone with the "Export Twist libraries" options, then you should do the same again for running tests with new version. 

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    Sarita Pol

     Thanks angshuman for the quick reply.

    I had re-generated the build.xml and also exported the libraries again.  But still faced the same issue.

    But these scenarios passed when ran successfully within twist.

    What I observed is twist-libs folder had both the jars

    com.thoughtworks.twist.driver.webdriver_2.5.0.11220.jar and com.thoughtworks.twist.driver.webdriver_2.5.0.11290.jar. I deleted the entire contents from the twist-libs folder and again exported the twist libraries.

    With this it worked.

    Your reply helped me to locate the issue.







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