Reinstate ability to view / edit XML of pipeline and pipeline groups for group admins



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    Anush Ramani


    Considering you can already perform an XSLT transform, wouldn't it be great to fully automate the process of creating branches? Go exposes an API through which you can modify the config XML.

    To modify the XML programmatically:

    GET http://goserver:8153/go/admin/configuration/file.xml

    This will give you the full config XML and the response will contain an HTTP header called X-CRUISE-CONFIG-MD5 which contains an md5 digest of the config file. You'll need this value when saving the modified config.

    You can now run your custom script to parse and update this config.

    To update the config POST to /go/tab/admin with params:
    xmlFile=<updated config xml>
    md5=<md5 from the header>

    I understand that this does not give you back the edit XML partial functionality, but that was intentionally removed so that only system admins are able to modify XML directly. We are definitely taking feedback into the use cases that our customers have for the XML partials and will certainly work on addressing all of those use cases via the new UI.

    Your scenario is a great example of how you might want to "clone" a pipeline and make some changes. I think the cloning feature is certainly a valid one which we will prioritize.

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    Marcus Collins

    As a developer who has admin access to my pipeline group (not the whole config).

    I want to be able to edit my pipeline XML.

    I wanted to simply move a job from one stage to another.

    This was easy using the XML interface, all tha was required was moving the whole job node.

    Through the wizards it requires a delete and re-create of the whole job (many times changing tabs and copying and pasting the values out of one job into another).

    At the end of the day GO is a development tool used by developers. We have to write the ANT tasks that the pipline calls in XML and other languages, so can handle configuring pipleines in XML as well.

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