We would like to be able to trigger the 2nd stage of a pipeline



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    Rajesh Muppalla


    Can you provide more details on what your use case is? 

    Specifically, what does the stages in the pipelines do?

    - Rajesh

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    In this particular case, the first stage uses VS2010's DevEnv.com to build a solution file:

      <exec command="%DEVENV%" args="master.sln /Build %BUILD_TYPE%" workingdir="RS10" />

    We would like to have a second stage (triggered manually) that would clean this same project:

      <exec command="%DEVENV%" args="master.sln /Clean %BUILD_TYPE%" workingdir="RS10" />

    This second stage would also need to be triggered by a timer from a different pipeline/stage, so we can have have it clean everything out nightly.

    As I mentioned above, we can work around this by using 2 separate pipelines (one for Build, one for Clean) because we know the layout of the agents and pipelines, but it's a bit of a hack (passing command line parameters that cause one pipeline to build something in a separate pipeline on the same agent), and will not be very robust as we add more agents (that is, we are forced to keep the exact grouping of pipelines on each new agent that can build this project).

    Note:  This is not the only project that we need this functionality for...we have a second one already which uses MSBuild.  And I can already see the need for at least 1 more variation in the very near future that will be working with a different build system.  Each compiler variation requires a specific grouping of pipelines on each agent it will work on, which makes setting up new agents that can work with each variation tricky (and thus prone to breakage).

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