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    Srinivas Upadhya
    Hi Jason,
    Please find my response inline.
    • Ability to block auto-progression to another stage until certain approval(s) are received
    This can be achieved by using stage approvals. You can authorize multiple people to trigger a stage. If the stage is marked as manual auto-progression to that stage is blocked. Any one of the authorized person can then trigger the stage.
    From clicky admin you can do it from permissions tab of stage to give the rights. (screenshot 1 & 2)
    But we do not yet support multiple approvals for the same stage if that is what you are looking for.
    • Progression in pipeline should occur automatically if all approvals received
    This is not supported. We do not support approval of a stage before the previous stage has finished.
      • Manual check box by user specified as needing approval
    This is provided on pipeline page where the stage waiting for approval (trigger by authorized person) is waiting on. There is a gate symbol between the stage that has finished and the stage that needs approval. (screenshot 3)
      • Or auto check based on response via email
    Can you elaborate on this?
    • Visibility into who approved what and at what time
    This is displayed below the stages. We show the user who triggered it (approved) and at what time. (screenshot 4)
    • Ability to just notify someone without requiring explicit approval
    We support emails post run of a stage. But pre run is not supported. We will further analyze this and get back to you.


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