A report view which would allow the user to select which builds had reached certain stages



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    Sharanya Bathey

    Hi Lee,


    Could you please elaborate a little more about the use case. Is the following use case correct: say you have three runs of a pipeline "P", for run 1 and run 3 of "P" the stage X has been triggered. Now if you rerun Stage X of run "1" of pipeline, you would like to see this stage first? So essentially the stages should be sorted according to the time they were run? 

    In the other case:

    1. In the pipeline history page, you can see which stages of a pipeline instance have triggered. 

    2. To see how a single stage has been for the pipeline, you can find the stage history on the right hand side in the stage details page.

    3. To view dependencies between pipelines and stages, its possible to do so with Value Stream Map.




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    On the pipeline history page, there is a limited view, especially if there are hundreds of runs of a pipeline.  I want to be able to see which iterations of pipelines have reached certain stages, without having to scroll through the pages. It would be nice to have a sorting selector on the stages, then I could sort by any stage I want to highlight at the time.

    EX. pipeline PRODUCT_X has stages A -> B -> C -> D -> E

    PRODUCT_X has been executed 50 times, only a few of which have reached stage E. Without scrolling through pages of UI, I cannot see at a glance, which iteration last reached this stage.

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