scheduled pipelines to show the next run time or a timer count down



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    Srinivas Upadhya


    Can you please elaborate on this?

    For pipelines that are auto-trigger we try to schedule the pipeline every minute. And cancel the schedule if there are no new changes in materials of pipeline. So we cannot anticipate the time when pipeline will trigger next since it will trigger only when there are changes.

    In case of manually triggered pipeline user will trigger it and hence again we dont have any idea about the time when pipeline will trigger next.

    Only in case of timer based pipeline we would know the time when pipeline would trigger next. But we assume users of pipeline would already know the time it triggers.

    Is there a use-case we have missed?



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    Jason Duff

    I agree with SS.  From an Ops perspective, being able to see what is scheduled to happen would be useful.  It is not just about the creators of a pipeline for larger organizations.

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