Tooltip bug? hovering over launch button




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    Srinivas Upadhya

    Hi Jason,

    1. The tooltip isn't accurate. We will look into it.

    2. The trigger button on environments page is not visible when the pipeline has already run with the latest revision of the materials. If there is any change in materials (any new revision available) you will see the button. If you want to re-trigger the pipeline with the same revisions you will need to use trigger with options.

    3. For showing materials that have changed on pipeline view. Not sure we understand you here.

    If you want to know that there is a change in pipeline of environment - we show a info icon beside the material listing for pipeline (2 materials link in 1st image attached by you). If you click on the link we also show materials that has changes in blue while those which doesn't have changes in white.

    If you want to see the changes that went in for instances of pipeline - click on pipeline name you will see pipeline activity page for pipeline selected. On every instance you will see links like "triggered by x" link. On click of which you will see a popup listing the materials and the revisions of materials that went in. If the pipeline has never run with that revision then its marked yellow to signify there is a change in that material while if it has already run with that revision before its shown in white.



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    Jason Duff

    3.  The "info icon" does not show up when clicking on the Pipeline view (where you can see all the pipelines and pipeline groups - i.e. http://{coreserverURI}:8153/go/pipelines ).  It only shows up in the Environments view (http://{coreserverURI}:8153/go/environments).  It would be nice if it was available in both.

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    Marco Abis


           this is now included in Go 13.1

    Thanks for your help


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