Clone pipeline options - create new template or create pipeline without template.



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    Carl Schrammel

    I agree.  It would be nice to be able to create a new pipeline based on an existing template -- the stages and tasks could be copied from the template into a new pipeline.  This will allow users who do not have access to modify templates to create new pipelines using the tasks defined in a template, and also the ability to change it as necessary for their given solution.  The new pipeline could later be possibly merged with the original template or extracted to a new template.

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    Marco Abis

    Hi Tyrel,

        assuming I got what you describe right we already support  the first one (creating a new pipeline with an existing template), see the screenshot:


    while I'm not sure I understand completely the use case for the other two. Would you mind providing a couple of real world scenarios for my benefit?

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!


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    Tyrel van Niekerk

    Well, most of us here don't have full admin access, so we cannot change templates.  When we need to create a new pipeline based on another that uses a template, it would be nice to create a pipeline based on the chosen template/pipeline by merging the template and pipeline into the new pipeline.  Then we can make changes, get that pipeline working and someone with admin access will then extract a template from that new pipeline.

    The other choice would be if the person is an admin and they click clone on an existing pipeline, it would allow them to make a clone of the pipeline as well as give the option to clone the template to a new template.

    Normally we have deploy pipelines for each environment, so ToDev, ToUat, ToProd etc.  Those pipelines all use the same template.  When we create a new set of pipelines, we currently manually (an admin) copy the template and environment settings from the ToDev pipeline into a new pipeline as a starting point.  It can be error prone and requires an admin to do it.


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    Marco Abis


    > most of us here don't have full admin access

    ok, this helps a lot and in fact we have been moving into this direction already: in 13.2.1 we've introduce a "View Template" feature that is the first step. We are going to grow from there to address (also) the scenario you describe.

    Thanks again


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    Aaron Tomosky

    So I have a use case I'm doing manually right now:

    1. I have two pipeline templates (build, deploy) that I use for a few pipelines that use the same core backend

    2. I have a new project with a different backend, but still similar process

    So, I would like to clone an existing pipeline with a template, to a new pipeline with the stages just as part of the pipeline, no template. After I muck around with it, then I can extract a template out of it for future use.

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