Notifications specified at stage, pipeline, and/or pipeline group level


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    Srinivas Upadhya

    Hi Steven,

    Here is what you can do:
    Lets say you want to set up (an alias for foo developers & PMs) to get notifications for MyDivision_FooApp/Build stage while setup (alias for bar developers & PMs) to get notifications for MyDivision_BarApp/Build stage.

    Use password file authentication ( to create a login for the email alias (say you setup username to be foo) & (setup username to be bar).

    Login as foo and setup required preference for MyDivision_FooApp/Build.
    Login as bar and setup required preference for MyDivision_BarApp/Build.

    This way you will not have to ask interested parties to subscribe individually. While people who are not Go users do not have to use Go just for email subscription.

    You still have to setup authentication for each email aliases separately and make them Go users. We will add a card to look at how we can make this easier.


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