Make the find shortcut work for the ‘Pipelines’ page



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    Mansi Shah

    This forum is only for reference. GoCD is now Open Source and the community has moved here. Please redirect your feature requests here

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    Srinivas Upadhya

    Hi Mark,

    We have not changed the pipeline dashboard page to defer loading pipelines on scroll down! I assume it was loading when you were trying Ctrl + F.

    While we agree that Ctrl + F should be hooked to search inside the pipeline search box. We have done the first cut of the feature. We are trying to improve on it.



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    Mark Crossfield

    Oh—my mistake!

    We do have quite a slow Go server so I must have just been scrolling faster than the response was being processed! Thanks for your response :)


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    Sanjay Sharma

    But overall the interface to find a pipeline among many pipelines is very slow.

    I have some suggestions


    1) Why not have a TOC (table of content) with a list of hyperlinks to all Pipeline Groups

    2) It would be nice if pipeline groups was open/collapsable. I know we can hide them but that does not really help me.

    3) It would be nice if we can restart the pipeline from the pipeline page (<fqdn>/go/tab/pipeline/history/<pipelinename>)  as opposed to always trying to find it on the home page (<fqdn>/go/pipelines)

    4) It would be nice if we can have an edit (gears) button/icon on the pipeline page (<fqdn>/go/tab/pipeline/history/<pipelinename>)

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    Sanjay Sharma

    Just to add all operations on a pipeline including pausing/starting/editing etc should be able to be done from the pipeline page (<fqdn>/go/tab/pipeline/history/<pipelinename>) and not only (or simply not) the home page (<fqdn>/go/pipelines)

    That would make it easy for us to bookmark pipelines we are currently interested in.

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