In which file would I be abble to set the polling interval for SCM checks to Perforce?



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    Sharanya Bathey

    Hi Lee,


    You could set a parameter in the file wrapper-server.conf found in Go-server-installation/config. 

    The parameter is[x]="-Dcruise.material.update.interval=300000" , where [x] is one plus the number used for the last property. For example, if the last property in the file is"-Dorg.eclipse.jetty.server.Request.maxFormContentSize=12345", the value of x would be 15. And, since the value is in milliseconds, 300000 is equal to 5mins.

    Please note: that setting this property would set the material update interval for all materials configured in you go-server, you cannot set this value for any one material or material type alone.




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    Thank you Sharanya, that is just what I needed. Can you tell me, does this file get overwritten when upgrades are made, or are the changes merged?

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    Arika Goyal

    Hi Lee,


    Yes unfortunately changes made to wrapper-server.conf gets overwritten when Go-server is upgraded. We plan to address this in future releases. For now, you will need to redo the changes after an upgrade. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Hope this helps. 



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